Sunset Retreat  LbNA # 48273

Placed DateJun 23 2009
LocationSunset Beach, NC
Planted BySWIM4BWAY    
Found By Craneum
Last Found Nov 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Sunset Beach is located in South Eastern North Carolina a few minutes away from North Myrtle Beach.

Directions To Sunset Beach:

The island is about 7 miles off of U.S. 17 at Highway 904.
Take 904 to the second traffic light (roughly 4 miles from intersection with U.S. 17).
Turn right and follow the signs to Sunset beach.
The bridge onto the island is approximately three more miles.
The bridge onto the island opens on the hour for waiting boat traffic during the day and on-demand for commercial vessels.
After crossing the bridge onto Sunset Island, head toward the beach.
At the end of the road you will find 2 beach parking lots (the one on the left is FREE)
Park in the parking lot and head toward the beach.
Walk up the wooden ramp and go under the gazebo.
After you have reached the beach, take your shoes off and start walking down the beach. Be sure to look for sea shells on the beach especially if its high tide.
Continue your journey down the beach until you reach 40th street. You can tell what street your on by the green signs above the trash cans along the sand dunes. Once you have reached 40th street walk up the wooden ramp. Be careful for splinters. Continue your adventure by walking to the end of the ramp. Once at the end of the ramp turn left and head to the end of Main Street. There are wooden posts at the end of the road. Now watch the sunset if you are looking for your letterbox in the evening. Sunset Beach is known for their spectacular sunsets that you can see from the island. Now look for a green electric box, but dont touch it for your safety. Behind the green box you should see a green bush. Walk the small path along the concrete wall and you should find Sunset Retreat tucked away under the bush.

Be sure to place the box back when finished.

Now go have fun on the beach!!!!!!!