Hartwood Presbyterian Church  LbNA # 48294

OwnerGS Gold    
Placed DateJun 17 2009
LocationFredericksburg, VA
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Hike Distance?

Start at the front of the church by the Civil War Trail sign and read both signs

Now walk towards the right side of the church and look in the windows.

How many pews are there to the next window across?

Take that number and multiply it by 10.

Starting from the big tree that will be on your right, take the number you got from the previous clue and take that many steps forward.

Turn to you left, what are the last two digits of the year the person was born in on the grave in front of you?

Take that many steps forward toward the four brick corner stones

Once there look for the row of graves where the Bradshaw family is buried.

Now walk towards the Meditation Trail sign.

There you will find your prize.