The Jet  LbNA # 48301 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 21 2009
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Jul 26 2009
Hike Distance?

The Jet

The XX-74 took off on a routine flight from Albuquerque to Milwaukee. Flying twice the speed of sound, it was to be a short trip. After passing over Madison, the XX-74 developed engine trouble. Pilot Dane knew that he must eject and begin to look for landmarks. As he was nearing Milwaukee, he saw a lake just west of a park with a beach, picnic areas, and a boat launch. Pilot Dane ejected. As he saw the jet go down, he saw the park name, an odd sounding name beginning with N.

Pilot Dane parachuted safely to the ground, and began to look for his jet as the XX-74 had secret material that could not be lost

He began at picnic area 5. He was facing away from the tables when he saw a yellow post to his left. He followed the path for a long stretch. Pilot Dane saw another yellow post just ahead, but before he got to it he notices a small trail on his right.

Had the enemy gotten there first? Had they found the XX-74? Pilot Dane followed the path. He came across a table on the left. Had this been an enemy camp? It was deserted now, but for how long? He continued on to another table. There was no one there, but Pilot Dane knew he was close. He had seen a fallen tree in this area, and knew that if he looked behind the table that the base of the fallen tree may have hidden the XX-74 from the enemy.

Pilot Dane went to explore