The Little Engine that Hid  LbNA # 48303

Placed DateJun 21 2009
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Mar 31 2016
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The Little Engine that Hid

Jake the Snake loved trains. He watched trains from his front porch every time a train went by. One day he saw that the train was missing an engine! Jake found the train engineer and asked him where the engine went. The engineer replied that the train had stopped for a picnic at a park right next to a lake. While the park was away from the railroad tracks, he knew he could find it if he followed Hwy 83 north from I-94. The engineer replied to Jake that the engines and train cars had played a game of hide and seek, but the little engine was never found. The engineer had a schedule to keep so he left the little engine hiding at the park.

Jake went to the park and started looking at picnic area 2. He saw a trail marked by a yellow post, and went left rather than up the hill. He knew the engine was a pretty good hider, so he followed along the trail until he came to an opening where there were tress and grass. He went to the right until he cam upon a trail leading right into the woods.

Jake the Snake knew trains, and he could think like the little engine. He walked 58 paces from the two trees guarding the path. On his right he saw a big tree 8 paces off of the path. He went to the tree, stopped and looked around. If I were a little engine, where would I hide?

Jake saw a fallen tree to the right, and went to look at the base, and there was the little engine!