Many Paths  LbNA # 48309

OwnerTeam HowlingCrow    
Placed DateJun 21 2009
LocationHuber Heights, OH
Found By Treadworthy
Last Found Feb 20 2011
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedAug 23 2016

*****This box has been pulled for maintenance*****

This box represents, for us, the many roads there are for us to choose from concerning life, philosophy, religion, spirituality, happiness, etc. The box rests on the grounds at Unity of Dayton on the outskirts of Huber Heights.

Park wherever you want but head for the back of the church. Visitors are always welcome. In the back parking lot there are 5 trees in a row. Stand at the one in the middle. From here, take 22-23 steps (not paces... just move your legs 22-23 times) at 220 degrees. Take a reading of 200 degrees. See that tree? Sidle up to it knowing you and the tree share a powerful bond with one another. You breathe, and the tree breathes, so you breathe.

Okay, now where peace prevails head 80 degrees to a rock wall. On the northern end of the wall, lift the top rock to find "Many Paths". This box is hidden here with permission from Unity of Dayton, please pay extra attention not to hurt the flora and fauna of this wonderful place when visiting. Please, enjoy and contact us if you find it!!