See You at the Fair  LbNA # 48381

Placed DateJun 20 2009
LocationCelina, OH
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Mar 13 2016
Hike Distance?

waSmp ollCege emeCtery AKA eaBver emeCtery is on Karch Road 1/2 mile south of route 29 and the Quilted Rock.

Box #1 Every"bunny" Loves a Fair
Enter the western cemetery using the last entrance turning at McQueen, the first road to the right.
Continue past Copper, Lime, Green, Brown and Gray turning left at Gray only to see more Brown, Green, Gray and Grey. Stop at Bender and talk with the Good Shepherd before diving on. Now is where you turn right to see more Brown and Gray. You must turn at Gray and pass 3 trees in a row. Turn right just past Brown and then around you will go. Park your car and visit Dallas and Bessie. Walk past them 8 paces to three new colors, colors that can be seen from the mountains, to the prairies and from sea to shining sea. Hiding in his home between two plants you will find Every"bunny" who loves a fair.

Box #2 Herd There's a Fair
Exit the cemetery and enter the east cemetery driving to the back. Spot a tree with broken grave stones leaning against it. Stand behind the tree so you can't see the chapel and find a stone with an arched top. I hope I'm not being too BOSSY to suggest that you MOOve the stone forward to find who strayed from the pasture.

Placed for Celebrating County Fairs event.