The Mystery of Time  LbNA # 48382

Placed DateJun 20 2009
LocationSt Marys, OH
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Have you noticed that when you're having a good time, like at the county fair, time will go so fast. But when you are not, time will drag. See what happens to the time when you search for "The Mystery of Time" letterbox.

A. Conan Doyle created the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Writing 4 novels and 56 short stories from 1887 to 1915. Holmes, known for drawing large conclusions from the smallest observations resided at 221 B Baker Street, London. You won't have to go so far to solve this mystery.

Locate the Chestnut Street parking lot for the building that holds Doyle's as well as many other mysteries. Enter the doors, doors and more doors and go right stopping at the grand clock making sure to take note of the time _____:_____. Continue the same direction noticing the daily news. We discard our news (hopefully recycle) as quickly as it's read. Mr. Holmes on the other hand couldn't bring himself to part with any written word keeping them in piles around his flat. Searching through them on occasion to find
just the right bit of information to help solve a mystery.

Continue to the door that can only be used in emergencies but since you are not being pursued and this is not an emergency walk to the paperbacks. With Clancy and Flanagan as your clue find the aisle where Holmes now resides. Continue to the end of that aisle and find a perhaps even more famous mystery writer born in Devonshire, England in 1890. Known as the Grand Dame of Mystery she wrote 66 mystery novels, 13 short story collections, a number of plays, 6 romantic novels and among other things an autobiography.

Her famous play Mousetrap can currently be seen at the St. Martin's Theatre and has continually ran for 57 years with over 23,000 performances. Traditionally the actors bow low at the end of the production. If you, too, will bow low you will find a tin clinging tightly under the bottom shelf of books. In it is the answer to many mysteries.

Before leaving the building be sure to look again at the time on the grand clock. Did you have a good time and time fly by or were you bored and time drug on. Or maybe time just stood still and it is no later than when you started to solve this mystery - which would be a mystery in itself.
****Please note when scouting this location the clock was never running. The day I planted this box it was running!!! So, you'll have to wait and see if time stands still for you or not ;-)

Librarians are not aware of this box.