Eagle Rock Series  LbNA # 4839

Placed DateJul 11 2003
LocationIdaho Falls, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found Aug 1 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 6 2015

unfortunately, I've had several reports that these boxes are missing. The spring flooding may have gone higher after years of drought! I am hoping to replace them, but for now, I'm not able to. I will post the replacement when I get it done.

This series is planted along the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls. For those unfamiliar with the area, the Greenbelt is the park area that follows both sides of the Snake River in the downtown area. It is a nice loop walk with some interesting historical facts in various areas of the park. You will also see a lot of lava rocks around the area. They are natural from volcanic action that was once centered at Craters of the Moon and is now found in the Yellowstone area.

Some letterboxes have supplies, while others are just the stamp and log. Bring pads and a pen; most Idaho boxes don't provide a stamp pad. Check back occasionally as I hope to add more boxes.

Difficulty: easy-flat 1/2 mile or less to reach all boxes if walking
FYI: All boxes but letterbox #1 are wheelchair accessible. Box #1 can easily be snagged by a friend without missing too much of the hunt. Just so you know, the other boxes do require some low reaching.

To begin, turn off of Broadway onto the road just west of the river (I believe it's Lindsay). Follow this road a short piece till the parking loop on the right side of the street (across from the Red Lion Hotel). This will be the starting point.

Letterbox #1

From the parking loop, take the woodchip trail heading south along the river. Just past the 1st bench and a powerline is a man-worn path that drops down to the riverbank. Climb down that drop, taking note of the two trees with a common base intertwining on the right side of the path. Safety note: The drop is very short, but also somewhat steep. Use caution with winter ice. Once down, walk around the two trees. There is a large lava rock slanted into the base of the tree. You may find what you seek under this rock behind other smaller rocks. When rehiding, please cover well and check both sides. The spot can be seen from the path if there aren't rocks on that side too.

Letterbox #2 (microbox)

Note: If in a wheelchair, approach the platform from the northern, lower side. There are steps between the two sections.

Return to loop. Walk on to the wooden platform overlooking the falls. On lower platform, sit on the right side of the bench (right side when you are sitting and facing the Idaho Falls LDS Temple, that is). The letterbox is hidden in a magnetic case under the back corner of the bench. This platform invariably has people on it so PLEASE BE DISCREET! Thank you!

Letterbox #3--currently missing. It was a good stamp, so let me know if you are coming and I will speed up the process to get the stamp replaced. Enjoy the other boxes in the meantime.

Continue north along the sidewalk that follows the river. Walk till you are across the river from the temple. Just past the temple, you will come to a bench on the right side of the trail. From the north end of this bench, take 20 paces at 330 degrees. This will bring you to a tree. Then step to the opposite side of the tree and take 18 paces at 344 degrees. Your treasure will be hidden under a large rock covered in white with smaller black rocks surrounding it.

Letterbox #4

Continue on till the sign explaining Keefer's Island. This sign is one that will tell you why the letterbox is called "Eagle Rock" and why the island is named as it is. It will also provide needed information for this clue.

Question A: Fred Keefer came to this town in 1879 at what age?
take answer, subtract 2 = "A"

Question B: This property was deeded back to the city of Idaho Falls in 196_. (fill in the blank) _ = "B"

Continue briefly on the path. Pass the Sandpiper Restaurant. Across the small road after the restaurant, there is a bridge in front of another inn. From the north corner of this bridge, take __ (fill in "A") paces at 35_ degrees (fill in "B" for 3 digit #). There you will find another treasure hidden in a recess under asphalt and rocks. There are smaller rocks hiding the box.