Nubble Light 2  LbNA # 48416

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJun 22 2009
LocationYork, ME
Found By LuckyStar
Last Found Aug 1 2011
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 50 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: black & blue
Status: reported missing (8/19/11)

The Cape Neddick Lighthouse, also known as the Nubble Light, is located on a small rocky island (Nubble Rock) a short distance off the eastern point of Cape Neddick near the entrance to the York River. It was built at a cost of $15,000 and first illuminated on July 1, 1879. This picturesque lighthouse is one of the most photographed in Maine, and over 250,000 people visit annually. Though the island is inaccessible, you can get a great view of it from Sohier Park, where this microbox resides. This box has a new stamp and location than the first one that went missing, so consider it a new find.

To reach Sohier Park from Interstate 95 North, take Exit 4 just after the rest stop. At the stoplight, turn right onto Route 1 South. At the next light, turn left onto Route 1A North. Go through York Village and at the fork, keep to the right. After you pass York Harbor Beach, turn right and continue until you see the sign for Nubble Light. Turn right and follow the double yellow lines through the residential area to Sohier Park. Drive to the parking lot nearest the lighthouse and park near telescopes closest to lighthouse.

Go to the northeast part of the parking lot (toward the lighthouse) and find a trash can just to the right of 2 coin telescopes. Step down to the rock below the trash can and turn to the right. Walk 5 steps across rocks, then turn right and look for a rock with bushes growing above it. The microbox is in the crevice between this rock and one below it covered with small stones. Please replace as described and be discreet.