Jurassic Park Series  LbNA # 4842

Placed DateJul 9 2003
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By Hiking Hearts
Last Found Sep 28 2008
Hike Distance?

*Alive and well as of July 1 2005*

Milo McIver State Park ($3 day use fee)
Difficulty: Easy, but lots if stinging nettle. All boxes can be retrieved without leaving the trail.

Trail: From the parking lot in the “E” picnic area, find the trail marker at the SW corner of the parking lot.

Box 1- Follow the trail right into the forest. Look for the mossy archway inviting you to enter Jurassic Park to begin your hunt of the giant creatures of long ago. Not far past the archway look for a mighty fortress. The box is hidden in a cleft covered with dry leaves. Reach straight in with your left hand.

Box 2- Continue up the trail. At the base of a nurse log directly to the left, a rock marks the spot. (Be careful not to trip over its tail.)

Box 3- At the top of the second set of stairs, reach down into the roots.

Box 4- The first 3 boxes were easy to find, but the 4th is more elusive. Continue your search up the high trail. Along the way keep an eye out for the tall old man of eons of time ago. He is watching your every move. Under his watchful eye (just left of the trail) look under the west side of the nurse log.

Box 5- Continue past the old giants and take the trail to the right. Look to the right to see the nest of your next dinosaur. But he is not there; he flew across the trail to another tree to take a rest within its roots. (Look in the northern most hole)

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