Loup Argente  LbNA # 48424 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 26 2009
LocationYork Harbor, ME
Found By Hawk Patrol
Last Found May 18 2013
Hike Distance?

Beware of Muggles. This box is not stroller nor wheelchair accessible. Not recommended for small children. In stormy or icy conditions you should not try this box.

Start at the York Harbor Inn. Look across the street to find the Hartley Mason Reservation, established in 1993. Enter through the gate. Walk down the path to the fork with a large rock. Take the left path towards the flag pole with three flags. In 2009, the three flags were the U.S. flag, the Maine flag, and a P.O.W. flag. Continue on past the monument with three views of Maine. When you come to the end of the path, go left and follow this trail. Continue past the club house on the left and the ocean and handrails on your right. Go up the steep stairs. You'll come across a cannon on your left, this is someone's garden so best not to touch it. Go up the tunnel of shrubs and you'll come to what looks like a castle on your left and you can hear the ocean on your right. You'll come to a warning sign, beyond here be dragons. You must go 14 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) beyond this sign. And you'll come to a medium-sized gray rock across from where the railings begin again. What you seek is behind this rock. If you look like you're entering someone's backyard with a big yellow house, you've gone too far.

This is my first letterbox placement.