Clayton Lake  LbNA # 48443

OwnerStorm Crow    
Placed DateJun 12 2009
LocationClayton, NM
Found By No Doubt About It
Last Found Mar 20 2012
Hike Distance?

From Clayton, NM take state road NM 370 north & west to Clayton Lake State Park. There is a $5 fee to use the park. Be sure to check out the amazing dinosaur tracks on the north east side of the lake (head east from the park office). To find the letterbox drive back to the "T" and turn right (left would take you back out of the park). Drive past all of the picnic shelters to the end of the road to pick up the "Nature Trail" (a sign marks the begining) that heads along the west upper shore of the lake. A very nice trail through cottonwood forests, meadows and along the edge of the lake. As always in the desert, be prepared for Sun & Snakes. I would bring gloves,a walking stick and plenty o' water and sunscreen.

Ink: Bring a pad of black ink as the image is of a Phainopepla (black crested bird of New Mexico)

To the box:
The hike is about 2/3 to 3/4 of a mile in to where you will find a nice bench in amonsgt the rocks. It should be shady in the afternoon or even at noon. Walk past the bench about 10 steps and turn to your left into the rocks. The box is in a cleft in the rocks with a chunk (not too big) of sandstone on top of it. Please rehide well and keep it looking natural!

I hope you enjoy this area as much as we did (by the way, I wouldn't recommend hiking around the whole lake because the whole north side has no trail and you have to go way up stream to cross the creek that feeds this man-made lake).