Doing Our Best  LbNA # 48474

Placed DateJun 28 2009
LocationFairfield, CT
Planted ByDen 9 leader    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Aug 16 2015
Hike Distance?

Begin in the parking lot of the Cascades
walk to the stream, follow the trail up stream (NE)
pass the log in the shape of the letter I on your left
rest on SP's seat
go up the steps, stay to the right
go down the steps, stay to the right
walk out on the rocks and enjoy the view
continue up stream
take a swim in the pool if the weather is hot
continue up the stairs
follow the path to the right
go down the rocks
cross the bridge
go up the path you will see a red oak with 4 main trunks and a trail marker; take the trail to the left
cross the dry (or wet) creek bed (pond on left, creek on right)
look east across the clearing
go up the stairs
at the 12th step look the the rising sun; you will see a pair of romantic beech trees
If you do your best, you will find the box under Chris and MH