Animals of Bryant Woods  LbNA # 48486

Placed DateJun 28 2009
LocationLake Oswego, OR
Found By 4 ch
Last Found Aug 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Park in the Bryant Woods Nature Area parking lot on Childs Road. Pass through the concrete barriers, and take the first path to your left. The raised walkway is made of boards. The trail will curve and snake through ferns and mossy trees that knit a canopy overhead.

At the Y, go right.

At the second Y, go left.

At the third Y, go right.

The path will curve around to the right until you come upon a small stream. A bridge of logs will carry you across. What animal helped make this bridge? Use the tree branches as your railing to cross over to the other side and find out.

Take the path up a gently rising hill. Watch out for low branches and boulders. When you come to a rocky stairway, look for a red tree stump, jagged and crumbling away into dust on the right side of the trail. STOP. Look around for the tree that forks into three—one thick, two thin.

Carefully go around the red stump—watch out for slugs!—through two ferns and over a fallen tree. In the palm of the three-fingered tree, you’ll find what you are looking for. ***box has been vandalized. recarving stamp....***

Continue up the main path. It will slope down to join the Bryant Woods Loop. Keep going straight. On the curve of the main loop, on the left side, you’ll see “Hobbit House,” a small hollow under a tree that’s fun to play in. Add a branch to the “roof” if you feel so inclined. Keep going straight on the main trail. Watch out for dogs off leash!

When the path forks, go right and you will pass a “slug hotel” on the right hand side. A gently sloping rocky stairway will lead you down to a pebble-strewn path. You’ll curve past tall grass and blackberry thickets. At the T, go right and stay on the wide path.

When you see the 2nd manhole cover (green spray paint) on the right side of the path, that is your cue to take the small path that shoots off to the left. From this smaller path, take a right. The canal will be on your left—be careful not to fall in! Keep going straight. You will be walking on a small path that is parallel to the main trail.

You will come upon a house on stilts and an extremely large ruler. What do you think it measures? With the pump house on your right, continue up the small hill until you come to the fallen log blocking the path. What animal might make its home inside this log? Reach inside for the answer! ***Please recover the letterbox completely with tree bark.***

From the fallen log, walk 23 adult paces (that's 31 eight-year-old paces or 37 four-year-old paces) to the point in the trail where two trees on either side of the path knit together to form a doorway. These trees each have trunks made up of intertwined branches that begin to fork at ground level. Search inside the "right" one. CAUTION--the left side of the trail drops precipitously to the canal and passing through the tree-framed doorway is not advised! You will hear the rush of water where the Bryant wetlands drain into the stream, and sometimes this next animal can be heard tapping away at the broken-topped tree stump, located between two tall trees, between this path and the main trail. ***Please recover the letterbox completely with tree bark.***

Without passing through the tree-framed doorway, turn around and go back down the trail, over the fallen log and make a left around the pump house, out to the main path. Take a left. Head straight toward the pavilion, and you will end up back where you started.