Dale Hollow Lake: Lloyd Miller's  LbNA # 48488

Placed DateJun 24 2009
LocationByrdstown, TN
Found By Delphinus Black
Last Found Aug 3 2012
Hike Distance?

THIS IS AN "EXTREME" LETTERBOX. It is only accessible by boat.

Planted by CB & Miss Piggy. Our family has been coming to Dale Hollow Lake for more than forty years. Every summer we enjoy swimming and skiing in the warm, crystal clear waters and eating at the many fine restaurants on the lake and in the area. There is so much interesting history surrounding the establishment of the lake, and so many of our best family memories happened there. We named this letterbox in honor of Lloyd Miller, who was a boy scout troop leader to my uncles when they were young boys in Ohio. He would bring his troop to Dale Hollow, and they would hike back and canoe in to this spot. He's been dead many years, and we have never met him, but we still persist in calling this spot "Lloyd Miller's". I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Update: July 17, 2012 - we checked on the letterbox today, and it is still there and doing well. If you plan to pursue it, please take a gallon-size ziplock to put around the outside of the letterbox, to replace the one that is now in ill-repair. Thanks! CB & Miss Piggy

Bring your own ink.
Level of terrain difficulty: medium
Time required after getting to shore: 10 minutes.

While at any of the 14 Commercial Marinas on the lake, ask for a Corp of Engineers Campsite Guide. This letterbox is planted at campsite 28, West Fork Ashburn Creek. It is near Star Point boat dock and Lillydale campground.

Boat, jet-ski, or kayak to the marked campsite at Ashburn Creek West Fork. It is on the most prominent 'point' that jutts out into the lake in this cove. It is across (and a little bit diagonal) from a narrow waterway cut-through between mainland and County Line Island. I skied through this waterway to get to the letterbox location. The water is up this summer, so the depth is about 10'. This is quite shallow, compared to the rest of the lake, which is known for being very deep and very clear. Over 50 feet deep in most of the lake, and over 100 feet in many places.

• You'll see two metal posts sticking up out of the ground to the right of the camp-spot, one orange and one white. The campsite is a u-shaped beach of shale stones. There is a picnic table.
• From the shale, head up the hill to the left on a distinguishable path that follows the waterline.
• Counting your steps from the shale platform at the water's edge, go 70 steps and continue along the path as it gently curves to the right.
• Go another 10 steps, and you'll pass a large tree on your left, too big to put your arms around (or perhaps not, if your arms are long!).
• Take another 15 steps more and you'll see two trees together. The one closest to you has a very large knot-hole at eye-level facing you. To the left of these is a cut-off tree stump.
• Walk between the knot-hole tree and the stump to a tree with a partial concrete cinder block at its base. The letterbox is under the block and in the mouth of the tree.