Wedded Bliss  LbNA # 48489

OwnerGlobal Nomads    
Placed DateJun 24 2009
LocationMadison, WI
Found By Middle Sister
Last Found Sep 19 2009
Hike Distance?

July 2010 Update: Unfortunately, we discovered that the letterbox had been disturbed and could only find the empty box. We hope to replace it during a future trip to Madison.

Clue Difficulty: Easy
Trail Difficulty: Fairly Easy. A short, level walk. It does require some flexibility to get under a low tree branch, and trail can be slippery in damp weather.

Olin Park, located in Madison's near west side on the shores of Lake Monona, features beautiful views of the lake and the capital building, is a great place for soccer, baseball, swimming, playing on the playground, or going for a hike/walk/jog.

To find this letterbox in Olin Park, park in the lot near the Olin Pavilion and head to the Turville Point trail. Standing facing the front of the pavilion with the playground to your right, the trail is behind and to the left of the pavilion, past the lawn area and in the woods. The dirt trail is easy to spot by the gap in the metal fencing and a sign marking the beginning of the trail.

Walk down the trail and take the first left and then the first right. Go 33 paces to the big fallen tree near the shore with multiple large branches. Duck under one of the large branches (about 4 feet off the ground) to get to the branch closest to the shore. The letterbox is hidden in a hollow in the middle of the branch. Please rehide well!

This letterbox is in honor of the wedding of my sister, Liz, to David on June 20, 2009. Liz and David are fun, adventurous, outdoorsy people and they brought that spirit to their wedding celebration. They even arrived at their wedding reception, which was held at Olin Pavilion, in a canoe, landing on the swimming beach. Best wishes for wedded bliss, Liz and David!