What Cake?  LbNA # 48491

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateNov 28 2008
LocationJanesville, WI
Found By Monkey Mischief
Last Found Dec 3 2009
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2016

Last found/checked: 28-JUN-09

Location: sbbiG ekaL kraP. This park is located approximately 12 miles northwest from the center of Janesville. Take US Hwy 14 west from Janesville for approximately 7 miles; turn right (north) on Eagle Road. Travel 3 miles north to sbbiG ekaL Road. Turn left (west) and travel ½ mile to the park entrance.

Time Estimate: 45-60 minutes roundtrip.

Terrain: Grassy trails, fairly level.

Note: This stamp was carved by cerealcityboxers. I won the stamp in the Cakewalk activity at the “MI Fall Gathering: A County Fair!” gathering in West Olive, Michigan on 18-OCT-08.


This background story is intended to amuse any kids (or adults) that like rhyming words….

One morning, the brother of a SNAKE named JAKE said, “WAKE up!” JAKE tried to FAKE that he was still sleeping, but his brother shook the bed like an earthQUAKE until JAKE opened his eyes. “Let’s go swimming in the LAKE and grill a STEAK for lunch!” JAKE suggested. But his brother shook his head and said, “No, we must RAKE. Each leaf is like a snowFLAKE and they are piling up.” JAKE groaned and said “Please, for my SAKE, can’t we TAKE a BREAK today?” But his brother replied, “Let’s go, you lazy thing. MAKE your bed and let’s get going. If we get our chores done, mother will BAKE us a CAKE.” So JAKE finally slithered out of bed and headed toward the back door. However as he passed the kitchen, he put on his BRAKE. Whoa! What was that delicious smell? It seems his mother had already been busy in the kitchen. He made a quick detour (and made a big MISTAKE!), and then met his brother in the back yard. They started to RAKE, but JAKE soon complained to his brother that he had a stomachACHE. Can you guess why?

If you’d like to find out the cause of his pain, start at the map board near the parking lot. Slither along the tree line past a pump and into the woods. Curve through the corner of a picnic area and continue on the trail. When you reach a “Y”, slither to the left, then slither to the right. Head up into the woods and choose the LONG way. Depending on the season, you may be able to enjoy some views of the lake on your right. At the intersection, continue on the straight path. When faced with another choice, a snake would obviously choose the LOW leg. Follow this route for 45 steps, then head over to the rusted frame. (Don’t go downhill past the frame or you may run into some discarded fencing.) Look in the center of the rock pile at the top corner to find the two brothers taking a BREAK due to JAKE’s stomachACHE.

Please replace these snakes carefully so they’ll survive out here in the wild. Thank you!

From here you can backtrack to return to your vehicle, or continue around the loop, or return to the “LEG” post to pick up the clues for “Mom’s Homemade Pie”.

Since we don’t live in the area, status reports would be greatly appreciated!