Storybook Land Castle  LbNA # 48512

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateJun 29 2009
LocationAberdeen, SD
Found By RetiredHavinFun
Last Found Sep 19 2009
Hike Distance?

I've lived in South Dakota for decades, and been to Aberdeen many times for basketball tournaments and meetings, and I'm sorry I didn't visit Storybook Land before this. My youngest is 21, and I still found this to be a delightful place. If you have younger kids, you should plan to spend hours there. You will all love the place.

To find this letterbox, head northwest out of Aberdeen on State Hwy 281. The road will curve to the north, and soon you will see signs for a park with a name that sounds the same as the name of the Roadrunner's Coyote. Turn left into the park. Pass the go carts and miniature golf. The signs will tell you to turn right just about the time you spot the campground.

Park in the Storybook Land lot and head through the arch. I can't give specific directions from here, because when we planted the letterbox, the main entrance was closed for construction. So I will tell you, however you enter, to head toward the north until you spot the carousel. Past the carousel you will find Munchkin Land. Enter Munchkin Land, and walk past three blue Munchkin houses. With your back to the third one, you will see a bench up against a planter. It's the one you seek if it has Howard Poe's name on it. Close to Mr. Poe's name, under the low-growing evergreen bush covering the planter, you will find the letterbox. Please make sure no one sees you take it out or replace it, and please make sure the plastic bags are closed tightly.