Fun at Grandma's  LbNA # 48547

Placed DateJul 1 2009
LocationSidney, NE
Found By Pastors Wife
Last Found Sep 26 2010
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Fun at Grandma's

When we visit grandma we do lots of fun things. Here are clues to some of our favorite activities.

Clue #1
Coming into Sindney from the South. Head North on 10th street and turn right immediatly after the bridge. Drive and park in front of the playground. Walk on the path toward the white gazebo. To the left of the gazebo go to the thrid tree, look on the ground on the right side under the tree. We love playing at this park!

Clue #2
Start back at the playground. Head west to the Sidney Deadwood Trail. Take the upper path. Cross over main road and continue down path. Walk until you see the 2nd culvert on the left. (this culver is half way down the side of bank on the left side of path) Stand on top of cement culver, bend down on left side under a rock is second box. We love to ride our bikes on this path!

Clue #3
Continue down path to stop sign. Turn left, cross bridge and head toward line of pine trees, before the church. Procceed to 2nd tree from road. Go to right side of tree to find box. We love to sled here in the winter!

Clue #4
Turn left on the side walk to go to Grandma's house. Her house is on the right side of the road, 2nd house from coner of Solano Dr. and San Marino. Look for large pine tree with a little white bench under it. Look under rock on left side of bench. We love playing at grandma's house!!