No Rhyme Nor Reason  LbNA # 48551

Placed DateJul 1 2009
LocationCamden, ME
Found By Grace to You
Last Found Sep 23 2011
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No Rhyme Nor Reason
Adventures of Autumnrose and Butterfly Suzy
Portion one

Autumnrose is creating several mysteries and non-mysteries around Knox County Maine. Eventually spreading outward above, below, and inward. :)
Autumnrose has a sidekick in these adventures, known as Butterfly Suzy.

Today they are going back to their roots for a visit. This adventure is not a mystery.
They want everyone to enjoy their birthplace. We are trusting you, the "two-leggeds" to walk softly
and gently, promise to leave no trace in this lovely, cared for, and well maintained series of gardens and woodlands.
A sanctuary where horticulture and nature can be studied and enjoyed firsthand.

Merry Spring Nature Center
30 Conway Road (off Rt. 1 )
Camden Maine

Drive to the designated parking areas, walk to the Ross Center Building.
At the front of the building, pick up the free brochure and map !
Clue 1
Follow the path down alongside the left of Ross Center. As you reach the mowed area, stroll along the greensward to your left, staying along the edge.Enjoy all the plants and flowers along your way; and from now on....
.........PLEASE TREAD GENTLY........
You will come to an area of rock ledges. There is a narrow path that winds up among the plants.
Look for the 6 ft evergreen sitting to the left on this tiny gentle path.
Seek an upright piece of ledge tucked in beside and under this evergreen; no need to leave path.
Suggestion... go further up this little path to unobtrusively stamp.
planted by Autumnrose; carved by Butterfly Suzy

Clue 2
Treading gently, come back down to the lawn; continue around going to your left.
Enjoy the foxglove, meadowsweet; and the herb gardens. Rest awhile in the 6 sided gazebo; then stroll over to the greenhouse. Along the left side are several fir trees.
Slip quietly in; Under and behind the second fir tree trunk;feel and you should find.
planted by Autumnrose; carved by Butterfly Suzy

Clue 3
Onward now to the old fashioned Rose Garden, a little rose cottage in the background.
A feast for the senses. Enjoy, inhale, and enjoy some more !
While facing the little cottage, quietly slip off to the left side, disappear around to the back where you will find a back door with a ramp at its base.To itsleftside , and under the ramp is what you seek. Rehide carefully, so the box doesn't slide beyond reach !
RETURN THE WAY YOU ENTERED !!!... so as not to step where you shouldn't !
planted by Autumnrose; carved by Butterfly Suzy

Clue 4
As you step back the way you came,through the RoseGarden ; see and smell what you missed the first time through. Continue along to the left, enjoying more flowers, the vegetable garden,and the childrens garden. Now you've come upon a grove of White Birch Trees.
At the edge of the mown area are two sets of garden settees to your right, and on your left is a Three- trunked White Birch tree at the edge of the mown area. Look behind and under.
planted by Autumnrose; carved by Butterfly Suzy

Portion 2 to be announced soonest !! Autumnrose has acquired blight from all the rain !
Butterfly Suzys wings are drooping from retained rain-drops.
Her and Butterfly Suzy have retired to the greenhouse to repair themselves.
Will continue with this lovely area soonest !