Beech Nut Tea House Mystery  LbNA # 48552

Placed DateJul 1 2009
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 19 2010
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Beech Nut Tree House Mystery
Adventures of Autumnrose and Butterfly Suzy
Location: Knox County, Maine

Autumnrose is creating mysteries and non-mysteries around Knox County, Maine Eventually spreading above, below, and inward. :)
Autumnrose has a sidekick in these adventures, known as Butterfly Suzy.This adventure is a mystery.

One fine spring morning, Butterfly appeared in the garden where Autumnrose resides.
Butterfly Suzy was flitting from the mosses to the leaves and flowers;
giving her news of the latest happenings in the plant world.
By late morning she arrived to settle on her old friends petals.
"How are you this fine day ?" she asked.
"Thanks to the dewdrop family, I am in fine blush and yesterdays rain showers were very thirst quenching" replied Autumnrose.
"I must say you are looking in fine splendor ! I think we should go on a ramble. "
"Oh yes indeed, a wonderful idea" replied Autumnrose. "Where should we go today?"
"I've heard of a special place. If you look over there, up on the hill, you can see it from here."
Autumnrose looked and replied. "Lets go !"

The structure was built in 1915, as a retreat and entertaining venue by a noted architect
Hanns Heinstead from Norway. This distinctive structure was an interpretation of his native land's use of natural materials, complete with sod roof laid upon birch bark
underlayment on planks and timber frame structure atop field stone walls and arches.

Approximately threequarter-mile walk to the 533' summit..
Great place for a picnic and the view is spectacular !
On a clear day, on the summit; observe spruce treed islands of Western Penobscot Bay; the forests of Camden Hills & the St. George River valley.
Beech Nut Tea House is listed on the National Historic Register.

If you are driving north on Route 1, take a left onto Beech Hill Road. There is a designated parking lot 1.5 miles from Route 1.

Clue 1
Going up trail, first oriented location is at second informational koisk (info on Maine blueberries) while facing info, look back over your left shoulder. Find an Oak tree and what appears to be a double trunked Birch, but approaching nearer, it is really three trunks clustered together.
Look behind Oak, box under forest duff and small rocks. carved by Butterfly Suzy

Clue 2
Hike up the grade. As grade levels off.. look for single Oak tree standing in the field. Has orange marker tape around its base. You should be standing quite near a mound of rocks by the roadside. Looking further up the trail, see 2 seperate mounds of rocks with four white Birch between them. Go to mound of rocks closest to road. Just a marker to check your journeys progress.. Keep hiking !
You've arrived at your destination ! Isn't Beech Nut Tree House simply unreal?

Flowers amongst the grass on its roof !

WAIT ..Look for rockwall formed in the round. The section I want you to study is just before the trodden path leading up to the house. The rock wall here is still double wall
wide and the cement is still holding . Take small steps until you are near the end thats on your left, nestled up against the rugosa roses !! Reach over and down for the hidden box thats on the ground; covered with small rock and leaves. carver Butterfly Suzy

Clue 3
WAIT... Just a little bit more !
Oh.. you are so eager to stroll about on that fieldstone-encased porch; and see the views from all its sides...LOL

But first...the last hidden box... hopefully your still standing beside those heady smelling roses? ...Looking almost directly across from you; see a small clump of 6 Oak trees? Actually qualify as a group of saplings; young and bushy;
Poke about gently through their bases and you will find
carved by Penguin Patrol

Now... Now enjoy the tea house, the view, the breezes, the scents.

Did you bring a lunch?