By The Sea Mystery  LbNA # 48553

Placed DateJul 1 2009
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 5 2009
Hike Distance?

By The Sea Mystery

Adventures of Autumnrose and Butterfly Suzy
Location Knox County, Maine
Compass Required

Autumnrose is creating mysteries and non-mysteries around Knox County, Maine.
Eventually spreading above, below, and inward. :)
Autumnrose has a sidekick in these adventures, known as Butterfly Suzy. This adventure is a mystery.

On a rain sodden July morning, Butterfly Suzy flew over to see Autumnrose. She asked her; "Do you know who wrote this beautiful poem? and "where was she when she composes this?" Autumnrose replied; "yes to both questionds, and if I may hitch a ride with you, we could be there enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean quite soon. After enjoying the ocean, we can then fly up to the heights and see the vista from where she wrote her poem."

The author grew up in this pretty coastal town, and wrote this opening stanza to the poem
All I could see from where I stood
Was three long mountains and a wood;
I turned and looked the other way,
And saw three islands in the bay.

Ocean side entrance; ( take this entrance first)
Drive until you see parking area and sign reads "Shore, Tables, & Fireplaces 300 ft.
Clue 1
Take trail beside this sign, as you come down steep stone steps, there is sort of "S" curve"; then a flattened area (Whew ! a landing spot !) On your right is a Birch tree broken off at its tops. Step ahead to the two Fir trees to the left of that Birch tree. In front of you, you should see
several boulders, with a part of one of them upright, shaped like a stalagmite.
Reach under the flat boulder to its right.
Carved by Butterfly Suzy.

Clue 2
Proceed down the trail to the picnic area, overlooking the ocean. There is a sign here, turn left.
pass 2 picnic tables on your right, look for a Birch tree on your left. Walk to the
second Birch tree to its right. There are two dead logs behind this Birch tree. This box is behind
and under the lowest dead log. carved by Butterfly Suzy.

Clue 3
After enjoying the ocean and the view, possibly a rest break at a picnic table ? Its time to trek back the way you came...only....until you arrive back to where you found the first box. Remember ?
Here is where you veer to the lessor trail to the left; upwards still.
As you go up this set of rock steps, keep a look-out for a large flattish rock standing on its end, with a tree snubbed up directly behind it. Look at next tree with a pile of rocks in front of it. In the middle of this pile you will find what you seek. carved by Butterfly Suzy.