The Little Kite Flyer  LbNA # 4856

OwnerTiger & BuzzBee    
Placed DateJul 19 2003
LocationConcord, NC
Found By SassyScouts
Last Found Mar 12 2016
Hike Distance?

Location: Frank Liske Park (near Lowe's Motor Speedway)
Please check website for hours of operation.
Difficulty: Easy
Hike: About 1.5 miles, 1 hour round trip. Easy flat trail
Status: Alive and well as of 5/04

On a blustry afternoon, the little kite flyer was flying his kite in the field near the barn overlooking the pond, when a gust of wind from the Southeast blew it out of his hands. He watched helplessly as his kite flew over the pond and into the woods. Not wanting to lose his kite he set off in search of it.

He followed the dirt trail around the pond to the Northwest corner where the fitness trail STARTS. He scurried off into the woods on the fitness trail. After crossing over the bridge he followed the trail to his left. He continued on this trail in search of his kite until he crossed another bridge.

After crossing the bridge he noticed a small sign (#5 on the nature trail). He decided to veer off the main trial into the woods on the small dirt path near this sign.

Shortly up the path (28 paces) he wandered up a rocky mound on the left and stopped on a split rock near a 2 sister tree with a small cedar growing at its base. Here the little kite flyer waits for your help.

After stamping in, please rehide this box well as this is a very busy park.