Back to Nature: The Prairies before the Farms  LbNA # 48574

Placed DateJul 3 2009
LocationGlyndon, MN
Found By T-ribe
Last Found Jun 6 2015
Hike Distance?

The Northern Plains always had grass, but it looked very different. To see the former beauty of the grasslands(and to find this letterbox), you will need to go to the grasslands restoration project near Buffalo River State Park.

On Highway 10, drive east from Glyndon MN about 8 miles. Turn south toward the entrance of Buffalo River State Park. Go under the railroad bridge, then turn east on the gravel road that will take you to Ponderosa Golf Course. (If you have time, bring your clubs and play a round, it is a great 9 hole course.) About ¼ mile, you will see a set of large boulders on the south side of the road. Here you can read about grassland restoration and admire the beauty of the Plains as they were hundreds of years ago. From the largest rock, face north. Across the road you will see three large trees. Behind the middle tree, you will find our box. It is tied down so that it will not float away in the spring flooding (again).

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