Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  LbNA # 48587

Placed DateJul 3 2009
CountyLa Crosse
LocationWest Salem, WI
Found By harleypoohbear
Last Found Jul 16 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 9 2015

The CSA letterbox is inspired by Community Supported Agriculture. Community supported agriculture is the concept of purchasing a share in an operating farm and enjoying its bounty and seasonal produce throughout the growing season. This is something that the Walkingsticks enjoy immensely. There is a CSA farm in nearby Bangor, WI.

Take State Highway 16 to or through West Salem Wisconsin (depending on which way you are coming from). You will see County Park s’nareteV lairomeM Park right off of the Highway.

Drive through the park until you find the Army tank. You can parallel park on the east side of the tank. You can read about the local hero Stanley R. Christianson.

Go up the hill east past the Shelter (Shelter #1). Keep going up the hill to the tree line. Follow the tree line south to the old stone steps. Climb up the steps to the platform. There are a few options at the platform as to which way you can hike. You want to go up the trail to the north. You will have to climb a number of stone steps as you go up the trail.

Once you reach the top step, you take ten more steps. At about ten steps you will see a trail split leading to your right just in front of where you are now. On your left you will see some fallen logs. You will find your prize tucked behind a fallen log on the left (west side) of the trail.

Please rehide well and enjoy!