Gem Mountain  LbNA # 48600 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2009
LocationPhillipsburg, MT
Found By Where's DeWaldos
Last Found Jul 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Gem Mountain was found by us the 1st summer we moved here. As we waiting to close on our house we did PLENTY of day trips, just to get our bearings of the surrounding area. We spent many days & dollars here!! It’s a great family fun couple hours. For $14 (as of the date the LB was planted) you can get a bucket of gravel and spend 1-2 hours sifting for sapphires (you can also find garnets and other gems- but sapphires are the ticket here.)

Clues: Gem Mountain if found at the bottom of Skalkaho pass on the Phillipsburg side. Start at the sign at the entrance. Look west and you can spot a device that keeps people out. Walk to it. Under the 1st big rock on the back right side you will find this gem.