GJT airport  LbNA # 48608 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2013
LocationGrand Junction, CO
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Last Found
Hike Distance?

FIRST AID- If anyone is planning on visiting this
area and would like to replace the box for me,
it would be appreciated. I can mail the box with stamp
to you. Thanks for the help

A couple of LBers have searched and not found this
small box, I can't see how any gardener or muggle
would see it. There are so many rocks and boulders it
would be difficult to see unless you moved the rocks,
or knew where to look for it.

Locate the jet that points to the sky
but will no longer fly.
Follow the path to this small memorial park.
The closer you get to the jet there will
be a stacked concrete wall on the left.
Once the secound tier begins find
the 3 and 4th concrete block.
In between the V is the small box
hidden around 3 red rocks.

Many thanks to the folks of beautiful Colorado.