The Great American Pin-Up Series: Princess  LbNA # 48611 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateJun 13 2009
LocationBristol, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Apr 24 2016
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Letterbox Name: The Great American Pin-up Series: Princess
Location: Bristol, WI
Distance: Approximately 1.0 miles (round-trip)

Once long ago, an eight year-old boy, completely taken with a little movie called “Star Wars”, was watching cartoons on Channel 32, WFLD-Chicago. There was nothing particularly uncommon about this, but on one summer day, something decidedly intriguing occurred. From the old color TV, the theme from Star Wars sounded, but the characters on the screen were not Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. These characters were something utterly new, bearing a closer resemblance to the characters from Speed Racer than to anything in George Lucas’ universe.

But these new heroes (and one notable heroine) who flew across the screen were their own brand of awesome. “Battle of the Planets” featured a team of five young people fighting against the forces of Zoltar. They wore these costumes that were made to resemble birds (?), and each of them had their own vehicles, that would launch from the “mothership”, known as the Phoenix.

Now I could tell you about all five characters, but for the purposes of this letterbox, we’re really concerned with Princess. Princess wore a uniform that was intended to resemble a swan. And her vehicle was a motorcycle. So when the team would spring into action, she’d do these crazy flips and gymnastic moves, and land on the seat of her motorcycle, and launch on the motorcycle out of this huge spaceship, and…suffice it say, Princess was pretty cool.

So imagine my happy surprise when, in 2008, comic book artist Cliff Chiang released a series of six images that tool cartoon and comic heroines and re-imagined them as Gil Elvgren-style pinups, or as WWII airplane nose art. And among those six images was Princess, from “Battle of the Planets”. It was a carving waiting to happen.

This box can be found in the Bristol Woods Nature Preserve. You’ll need to park at the Pringle Nature Center, and take the yellow trail, which begins at the back door of the nature center building. You’ll pass a Native American signal tree on your left, and will very quickly come to an intersection between the yellow and red trails. Continue on the yellow trail, until you come to the point where yellow and red meet a second time. This time, turn left onto the red trail, and walk 40 paces. On your left, just a few feet off the trail, is a two-trunked tree with a large hollow space at its base. In fact, it almost looks like a vase from which the two tree trunks emerge. Reach down into that hollow space to find Princess.

Please re-hide well, and feel free to send us a note to let us know that all is safe and secure with the box.


The Great American Pin-up series is, first and foremost, a celebration of the style, femininity, and fun of pin-up art over the years. We hope that you enjoy the images as much as we’ve enjoyed selecting and carving them.

Please note: The stamp will require a 3”x 5” space for stamping. This stamp will only require red ink. (This stamp was originally carved for the “Pinups II” LTC exchange in June 2009.)