A Couch Potato  LbNA # 48628

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateJun 29 2009
LocationIdaho Falls, ID
Found By MLHill
Last Found Jul 6 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is a drive-by and is a small black pouch.

GEM LAKE PARK is a boat launch along the Snake River, also offering swimming and picnicking.

DIRECTIONS: From I-15 take exit 116 Sunnyside Rd. and follow this road to Hwy 91/ S. Yellowstone Hwy. and turn right (south). Just past the Fielding Memorial Cemetery, turn right on 49th S. This road goes on into Gem Lake park. Follow it through the park to the dirt road at the end, lined with boulders along the river side of the road. Park where you can.

CLUES: The Couch Potato is relaxing under the last boulder, behind a small rock.

BE SURE TO ZIP ALL BAGS CLOSED. Please be very discreet and rehide well. This is a busy park, and some folks will stay sitting in their vehicles along here.