Pouilly Fume  LbNA # 48661

Placed DateJul 6 2009
LocationWarren, ME
Planted ByRosa    
Found By Grace to You
Last Found Oct 18 2011
Hike Distance?

Going north on Rout 1, Turn left on 131 (north). In about two miles you will see a sign for a winery and "organic eggs" on your left. Turn into the driveway. Ask someone if the winery is open. They will let you into the barn. Once you're inside, use this code message: Ask the person if they have ever tried Didier Dagueneau's (pronounced Dee-dee-ay Dag-an-oo's) Pouilly Fume (pronounced Poo-yee foo-may. They will say "yes, would you like to see the bottle?" Say "yes" and they will tell you where the bottle is. The letterbox will be next to the bottle.