Kermit says Go Green  LbNA # 48684

Placed DateJul 4 2009
LocationAndover, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Kermit's Go Green Letterbox

Kittatinny Valley State Park
From Route 206, turn onto Goodale Road -- by the first aid squad.

Go about .9 miles to the park entrance on your right.
Drive down the road that winds like a snake, then park.
Walk down the path past the stone mansion.
The sparkling lake should be on your left.
Walk into the open mouth of the forest, and continue through.
After you exit this part, walk down a lane of erect pine soldiers.
You should see a flag pole to your left eventually.
Look down at the path, take the right side of the "V".
Almost immediately, turn right onto the grass -- keep the white shack on your left and look for the start of another gravel path.
Climb until you reach the "domestic" part of the woods.
Go around to the back steps.
Look for a craggy outcrop just behind the stairs.
SPOR underneath.

As Kermit says, "it's hard being green", but it's worth it.
See any trash on your way back?
Feel free to pick it up.

Planted by Ms. Wicked, The Lorax and Chatterbox.