Turkey Brook 1  LbNA # 48685

Placed DateMay 1 2010
LocationMount Olive, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

5/1/2010 - the box is now in its new location.

To find this treasure
go to Turkey Brook Park
Go to the hoops,
itís your place to start.

Stand at center court,
or as close as you need,
Turn yourself to the East,
then you should proceed.

As you near the tree line
Start to go slow
Pass the grey house,
Then turn right and go

Walk sort of south
The next marker youíll see
Itís bright and itís yellow
And tall like a tree

Donít be fooled by the twins
Though theyíre both mighty fine
The one that you seek
Is on first base's line

Now turn to the left,
In the heat or the cold,
At the top of the slope
Is a tree not so old

Behind it is brush
And some pretty big rocks
Go around to the back
And look for the box

Within is the stamp,
approach it with care,
Please leave your mark,
and then hide it back there.