Tree Froggy on Apishapa Pass  LbNA # 48686

Placed DateJul 6 2009
LocationCuchara, CO
Planted ByHootiefish    
Found By Mr. & Mrs. Plate
Last Found Jun 23 2017
Hike Distance?

This is a beautiful drive up toward West Peak of the Wahatoya Mountains.

Start at the Cuchara Village on Hwy 12, the Highway of Legends. Cuchara is about 15 miles from the little town of La Veta, located also on Hwy 12. To get to La Veta from IH25, at Walsenburg... take Business 25 into Walsenburg and find Hwy 160 headed West toward Alamosa. A little while outside of Walsenburg, take a left onto Hwy 12, the Highway of Legends. Follow this beautiful road to Cuchara which is at Mile Marker 16, approximately. From there, drive another 6 miles in the same direction toward Trinidad. A quarter mile after mile marker 22, turn left at the sign for Cordova Pass. This is a gravel road. Reset your trip odometer to zero here. 1.3 miles up this road you will see a sign for Cuchara Pass Ranch. Stay to the left. At mile marker 2.7 you will see another Cuchara Pass Ranch sign, continue to the left. At 5.9 miles you hit a parking lot. Park here and pay $5 for day use fee to the right near the restroom. To the left at the beginning of the parking lot is a section of 3 picnic tables. Stand between two large boulders at the beginning of the trail that leads to the picnic tables. Walk 35 paces to first picnic table area to the right. Stand next to the BBQ grill. There are railroad ties that delineate the picnic area. Go to the back right corner where two railroad ties meet. That is the point of an arrow that points toward a zigzag fence make of timbers about 10-15 paces ahead. 5 feet to the right of that fence intersection is a copse of evergreen trees - probably pine trees. At the base of that copse is a pile of rocks, under which you will find this letterbox.