No Significance :)  LbNA # 48717

Placed DateJul 7 2009
LocationGurnee, IL
Planted ByFinFam    
Found By Mischief
Last Found Aug 23 2009
Hike Distance?


-No ink pad in any of the containers.
-Difficulty: very easy
-Some walking involved
-Compass needed
-All are small plastic Glad containers
-Box #2 and 3 are not there: still go to
spot for directions to the following box


Go to Ravinia Woods Park in Ravinia Woods subdivision (on Ravinia Drive) in Gurnee. You can park on the far side of the park (in the parking lot) or along the street.


Start of at the picnic shelter and walk to the basketball pole that has many holes. At the pole walk east to the trail leading around the field. Walk past the intersection with the trail leading into the woods and past the non-steep hill.

It always gets flooded here in the spring, after a rain storm, because it is such a low area.

Keep following the trail until you get to a sports equipment box (that says Gurnee Park District on it). Feel under the box on the south west corner.

I chose a piece of pizza as the stamp because that is my favorite Italian dish.

After you find the “Pizza Box,” keep going on to the red and tan section of the playground. Continue over to the primary colored sand and area. If you turn around and look back at the red and tan playground you will see a set of five stairs. Walk over to them and reach under the step closest to the ground. On the left side will be letterbox number two.

The stamp has a tree because there are a lot of trees at the park.

Be sure to walk away immediately after finding the letterboxes because this is a very busy park and trail. Try to keep the box secret!!!

To find box number three, continue north east. You will find that you are back at the sand area. Look under the ramp under the right side. (Some sand may get in your hair.)

I chose a zipper because they make a cool noise when you zip it up and down.

Next go north east, again, to the twelve sistering Evergreen trees. Walk over to the eastern-most tree and walk around it until you can’t see the red and tan playground anymore. Bend down and look at the tree a little off the ground. It has been put farther in so that the landscapers don’t find it.

The stamp is a picture of and owl because the owl is my favorite animal.

Happy Hunting

P.S. It it called no significance because the stamps really don't mean anything to me. :)