Tourist's Guide to Prosser WA: Thurston Wolfe  LbNA # 48721

Placed DateJul 7 2009
LocationProsser, WA
Found ByGreenJeans
Last UpdateSep 7 2013

From the Yellow Rose Nursery you are within walking distance.

Find the sign of the Wolfe where spring waters also flow
From rocks sharp and rough to river smooth a transition there is.
A small boulder your throne and a smaller one foot rest gives.
100 through the tails the source of rushing water see.
165 the wolfe howls continually.
To your right as you rest
Under a smaller one than you sit
Behind three others
Your treasure nests.

Hint: The Key Fist Sized Stone Has A Lot Of White On It


Thurston Wolfe is one of many wineries and tasting rooms in the newly developed Vinter's Village of Prosser. [] I can't speak for their wines compared to any of the others, but it is a lovely area to walk around and visit. Bring a picnic if you wish.

Standard cautions apply: Snakes, Muggles, etc.
Replace well sealed where belongs, not seen from any angle.
Note: baggies up over the edge of box when top is replaced,
will break the water tight seal and cause it to leak.

Distance: less than 1 mile