Enchantment of the Arts  LbNA # 48725

OwnerOhana 6    
Placed DateJul 4 2009
LocationPort Angeles, WA
Found By Logues
Last Found Mar 27 2011
Hike Distance?

Fine Arts Center
1203 E Lauridsen Blvd
Port Angeles WA. 98362

Directions: Hwy 101 going east or west coming into Port Angeles will turn into a one way street go to Race St. and turn South, toward the Olympic Mountains and away from the Straits of Juan De Fuca. Go up Race St. 1 mile to Lauridsen Blvd and turn left. Continue 3 blocks to the big white water tower on your left, this is the parking lot for The Art Center.
If you are coming off the Coho Ferry Boat from Victoria BC turn left off the Ferry, right on Lincoln st., left on 1st st., Right on Race st. and continue directions above from Race St.

Box #1
If Culture is what you seek then stay on the right side of it and you will be welcomed by the Tree Of Life. As you approach a 3 pronged fork, beware not to cross over the Crystal Path ahead, instead stay to your right. Rolling Dead Heads lay at the feet of a Mangled Root Mass and across from this the path leads down into the valley where you may join the Dance Of The Hemlock Trees. Glide and sashay through the ballet until your feet find rest on the Pillows Of Concrete, follow them to the end and go right. The aMAZEing Field OF Dreams lay before you, can you find the path which leads to the Iron Gate? Enter it and tread through the Cemetery Of Sweaters, beware of the Salmon Ghosts floating over head. Go by way of the Old Bell and give it a gong as you go by. On your right you will encounter a Casing Of Clothes Pins dripping from a tree and in the distance Tasmanian Trees Stand Steel, but you must stay to your left and watch the Rear View as you go by, remembering that objects may appear closer. 1 path becomes 4 and there the Roto Rooter Sasquatch Green & Orange beckons you up to checkout the view. A Giant Angel Fish welcomes you. After your finish taking in the beautiful site, turn and stand with the Angel directly at your back and facing the 2 trees across the path. Hemlock on the left and an Alder on the right. Between these trees at the base of the Alder under a rock your treasure awaits you.

Box #2
Continue down the path passing the Jenga Trees on your right then over to the Sculptures of many views. Stop at the Metal Head to look up, Down and all around, the trees are alive with art. The path will lead you down to walk between the Hoods In The Woods and an Outhouse For Dogs. Take the lane on the right to check out the sights but return to this point when you are fulfilled. Continue down this trail staying to your right and up past the Jumbled Tumble Weed toward the Red Bellied Slab. Cross over the Clay Mushroom Cap River and Through the Silver Woods up the the Stacked Rock Sculptures you'll go. Look for the 6 Trunk Tree and walk down the trail where you'll have a Fan Rooting you on. Take a seat and relax on Snow Whites Log. The treasure is at the base of an Old Snag Tree to your left under a rock.

Be discrete so others can enjoy the fun and replace it how you found it.

There is a lot more art to see outside and in the Fine Arts Center be sure to take the time to enjoy it all.
The Fine Art Center changes its outside walk of art every year in June so be sure to visit again next year where you'll experience a whole new adventure.

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