Sainkhan Gelenkhuu Letterbox, Murun Airport  LbNA # 48751

Placed DateJul 8 2009
CountyOther International
LocationMurun, Mongolia, INT
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Sainkhan Gelenkhuu Letterbox, Murun Airport

As you walk up to the airport, there is a large statue of a man flying with wings made of sheepskin. This is Sainkhan Gelenkhuu. Before him is a plaque on the ground describing his story. It is inside a low fence, but people get in to pose for pictures, so it's OK to step over the fence. In fact, kneeling down to pose for a picture is the perfect ruse for collecting this box!

The letterbox is hidden under the plaque. In the summer the area is filled with wildflowers. Check for this letterbox on the way to or from TOILOGT ger camp 30 m. north of Hatgal, where you can find two more boxes! Good luck and have a great vacation