Faery Hearts and Flowers  LbNA # 48754

Placed DateJul 8 2009
LocationParkton, MD
Planted ByMusic Boxers    
Found By Two.Owls
Last Found Aug 17 2012
Hike Distance?

I've got that odd feeling, again. I've got to get out of Baltimore.. got to find the faeries. Going North, this time, I think. The last time, I harnessed my horses took my carriage on I-83 north 12.4 miles to Exit 27, Mt. Carmel Road. I just needed to turn right on Mt. Carmel Road. At traffic light, I followed my nose and made a left on York Road. I saw farms, fields, and a school, and then, following that nose, I turned left on Bunker Hill road. The going got ROUGH for nearly an 1/2 mile, until I reached the Gunpowder Falls State park and a parking area. I wondered.. "What now?"

I saw a flash of blue, and a sign bearing the same name as the road. I thought it was so odd and nearly hidden. I tethered my horses, and with my backpack and my canteen, I set out, following the blue blazes. Almost immediately, I had to make a choice. I was worried, but I LEFT my fears at the trail head.

Faeries were all around me, then. I could smell them as I descended. I could hear them babbling and splashing in a stream in the valley. Another choice.. This one much harder, for the faeries were calling me from below, down the path less traveled by, oh my. I sighed, knowing I couldn't get this notion out of my head until I made contact, and forced my feet to turn off the blazes and onto the beaten earth. I followed this foot trail down, down, down and began to wonder if the faeries were purposely misleading me. Then, I saw a giant tree, dead as could be, to my right and a ferny ravine to my left. I eyed both. The tree must be their castle, but where were they? The ravine moved a little.. ah, it was a sleeping dragon. I had to tread carefully as the foot trail crossed it. I continued down and followed the curves of this little path until I came to 2 healthy tree guardians. I had to pass right between them! I stood between them, stopped, and caught my breath, and then it hit me. Guardians, here? What were they guarding? I turned to look up the hill and saw another healthy tree. It took me 4 paces to reach the tree, and then, I saw the little faery king's "Happy Hearts". I put their pictures in my book and hid them well, thankful that I'd found their gift to me.

I felt that I could continue on this little path for a bit and enjoy the faeries giggling in the stream. I could follow its meandering path to see the sights. But, something else was calling me. I felt unsettled. Something was undone. The faeries had lulled me into frolicking in this leafy glade. I began to wonder "What in Blue Blazes am I doing down here?" I passed between the tree guards, tiptoed past the sleeping dragon, scurried by the empty castle, and headed up, up, up and back to the blazed trail.

Back at the blazed trail, I was faced with the choice.. I chose the right one and headed for the sun. Passing quirky, fallen and standing dead pine trees, I thought I saw those faeries flapping, but I pressed on, determined not to be sidetracked this time. Into the sunshine I strode until I came upon a VERY familiar road and groaned; they'd done it to me, AGAIN! But, wait! A flash of blue caught my eye, and I gleefully crossed the all too familiar road and headed into the forest. Blaze here, blaze there, blaze here, blaze there.. After 4, I began to pace "1, 2, 3....17, 18, 19". I looked around and wondered "Y?" Why had I come all this way? Then, I felt a gentle tug on my shirt sleeve, and the Queen of the Faeries, herself pulled me to my feet and around the back of a sturdy tree, who bore the mark of the "Y". There, at its base, lay the "Flower Bower". I turned to thank her, but she was gone. I hid the treasure better than I found it and promised to return for another adventure soon.

I wondered if I should return to that familiar road where I knew my carriage awaited or continue on this blue, blue path to see more forest, river, and ruins. In the end, I continued my journey and even found, at its end, a paved path straight up the hill to my carriage.

Bunker Hill Trail (1.2 miles) (Blue Blazed)
This trail connects the Mingo Forks and Gunpowder South trails. The trail passes through a parking lot, located 0.8 miles west of York Road on Bunker Hill Road. A separate area for handicap parking only is located where Bunker Hill Road ends at the south bank of the Gunpowder Falls. Here, concrete abutments are all that remain of the covered bridge that once spanned the river. Built in 1880, the bridge was destroyed by fire in 1961. The bridge was rebuilt in 1963 with the help of Amish craftsmen using traditional handtools. This bridge also burned in 1971. A short distance upstream leads to picnic tables and a seasonal comfort station on the hill. A paved path to the parking lot is located behind the comfort station.

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