Snailtrail  LbNA # 48756 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2009
LocationVan Buren, OH
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UPDATE: 7/14/09 - DESTROYED BY MUGGLES - to be relocated at a later date :(

Off of CR 229,south of Van Buren State Park's lake, start at the Southshore parking lot. Walk south past the restrooms til your see the gravel road. Walk this road up to the group campground. At the end of the group campground, you will see a sign that is titled, "Pine Glen Loop". Follow this path until you come to a trail marker. Once by the marker, to your left you will see a bridge. Take this bridge over the creek. Once over the bridge, make your way up the hill and continue following the green trail markers. Next, you'll want to cross another bridge. Once over the second bridge. Keep following the green trail markers, until you see a plaque. STOP AT THE PLAQUE! Facing the plaque,(as if you were reading it) look to the left to find an Oak tree. Somewhere around this tree you will find the "Snailtrail" Letterbox!

Note: this is 1st of a series designed as a Girl Scout Bronze Award project by AY