Types of Sushi Series: Ebi Nigiri  LbNA # 48763 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMoo Poo    
Placed DateJul 8 2009
LocationOrlando, FL
Found By (hidden)
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Created by: Moo Poo
Placed by: Moo Poo, Sprouting Sun, & Neon Mountains
Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand-carved

Mabel Louise Ln & Spring Bay Cove, Orlando, FL 32819
From I-4, take the Sand Lake Rd Exit.
If you’re coming off of I-4 East-bound, turn Left onto Sand Lake Rd at the light.
If you’re coming off of I-4 West-bound, turn Right onto Sand Lake Rd.
Drive through the intersection with Turkey Lake Rd and continue down to Dr. Phillips Blvd. At this light, turn Right to get onto Dr. Phillips Blvd.
The road will curve left and come to a light. Turn Right onto Della Dr.
After passing the tennis courts on your right, turn Right at the stop sign to get onto Harlie St.
Turn Right onto Mabel Louise Ln and then take your first Right into a small Orange County Park.
Don’t be intimidated by the small stream of water that runs across the road. Just drive carefully over it and park in the small parking area.

1) Stand in front of the Handicap Parking sign.
2) Beyond the sign is a small pond with many “No Fishing” signs. Walk straight heading to the edge of the of this pond. You don’t have to get too close to the edge.
3) Turn Left
4) Walk beside the pond (it should be on your right) until you reach a vine-covered fence.
5) On your left, maybe 5 ft down, is a good-sized oak tree that is resting right up against the fence. Go to this oak tree.
6) In-between the fence and the tree trunk is a small black duct-taped bag. It should be covered with moss.
7) Be sure to stamp away from this location: maybe one of the picnic tables closer to the parking area, or out on the dock.
8) When finished please be sure to seal all bags completely. Be sure to put the baggie for the logbook and the baggie for the stamp in a 2nd bag, and then place back into the duct-taped bag.
9) Please re-hide the bag better than how you found it. Use more moss or small sticks to cover it from view. Be sure that it is also well-concealed so that no one on the other side of the fence could find it.
10) Please log your find in to either AtlasQuest.com or Letterboxing.org