The Invasion of the Planet of the Dogs  LbNA # 48807

OwnerCaribbean Dreams    
Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationRichfield, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found Jul 28 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

On the night of the summer solstice in 2009, strange lights appeared over the town of Richfield. A strange bone-shaped spacecraft was seen hovering over Richfield Nature Park. All night long, barking and howling was heard echoing throughout the park. In the morning, the spaceship was gone, leaving a flattened area of grass oddly resembling a humongous Milk Bone. It was rumored that canine aliens from the Planet of the Dogs had invaded the park.

It is at this point that Shelby the Golden Retriever decided to bravely investigate this mystery. To follow his route, take highway 41/45 northwest of Milwaukee to the Holy Hill Rd. exit. Turn left on Holy Hill Rd. and go west 4 miles to Hwy 164. There will be a school on your right. Turn right on Hwy 164 about .4 of a mile to Richfield Nature Park. Follow the road to the parking lot. Park by the big sign. Here we continue with our story.

Shelby looked at the sign. "Man, there are a lot of rules here", he thought. Then he saw what looked like a person walking one of his own kind. He sniffed it, but it wasn't real. Then he saw a mailbox. "I wonder if there is a mailman around?" he thought. "Maybe I can chase him". Instead, our canine hero took the asphalt path away from the mailbox and straight ahead. He saw what appeared to be an extremely large wooden "dog cage" without a top. Shelby stepped onto the "cage",sniffed around, enjoyed the view, and realized that the canine aliens had probably been here recently. He left the cage, and went on a path to his right. Immediately ahead he noticed a tree with many trunks. "I could mark that tree, but which trunk would I choose?" he thought. So he went down the hill on the path to the left and after a while he came to a large field on his right. "It would be fun to roll here", our golden guide thought. He continued along the field, passing numbers, and he followed the path as it curved to the left and went up a hill to the number 4. As he continued up the hill, he noticed another "dog cage" off to the left, but decided the aliens were not in that direction by sniffing the air. He came to another path, but our diligent doggy stayed on his path to the right.

Then he came to a place where humans sit, and then another trail crossed again. He saw yet another sign about his own kind. "Awe, come on, give us a break!!!", our hound hero thought. But he took the trail that went straight into the woods. Soon upon entering the woods, he took the first trail to the left and walked a bit. "This woods would be a good place to chase squirrels", he mused. Then he came out of the woods into a clearing, and saw some log cabins. He continued going straight past the cabins, back into the woods where he reached another human resting spot and the number 8. Our furry friend took the trail to the left, going up a hill. He passed some reddish buildings on his left, but he stayed on the trail to the right until he came to the number 9. Shelby stopped. "I can smell them nearby!", he thought. He took 27 human paces past the number 9 to just before where the path begins to curve. He looked to his right and saw a large mama tree and her litter of young about 12 paces off the path. Shelby looked at the base of the mama tree, and found a large hole. It was there that he found the canine aliens.

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Enjoy the rest of the park, which has a river, pond, many trails, a bridge and a restored mill.