Young Frankenstein: It's Alive !!!  LbNA # 48810

Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationMemphis, TN
Found ByAngel Winks
Last UpdateApr 4 2013


Access Overton Park off of E. Parkway (not off Poplar). Park by the colorful playground. Walk through the gate towards the woods on the paved road. See 2 paved roads to the right one to the left. Take the first paved road on the right. Walk about a mile. The paved road will take you behind the fenced area of the big zoo exhibit with small flags. (You won't miss it). Just after passing the zoo exhibit, but before you get to the Y in the paved road, there is a log across the road. Pass the log, but before the Y in the paved road is a huge tree on the right next to the paved road. Box is behind this huge tree.