Old Black Witch! Series  LbNA # 48823 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationSmyrna, TN
Planted ByMamabearDiller    
Found By CGRAC5
Last Found Jul 12 2014
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Old Black Witch! Series

Directions to the area:
Take I-24 East toward Chattanooga.
Take the Sam Ridley Parkway East exit (the second Sam Ridley Pkwy exit) and merge into traffic.
Pass the golf course and the Smyrna airport on your left.
Turn left onto Weakley Lane at the stoplight.
Pass the National Guard on your left and the Square D Company on your right.
Turn left at the large brown sign for Stewart Ferry Boat Ramp at the J. Percy Priest Lake.
Take your first right, and park in the parking area. Follow the clue- the box is hidden underneath a pile of smaller rocks!

Box #1- Old Black Witch!
Down from the chimney fell a big, black mess. It was covered in cobwebs and made terrible sounds.
It stumbled out of the fireplace, out of the house, and onto the Smyrna greenway.
It followed the greenway all the way down Weakley Lane to the left turn at the Stewart Ferry Boat Ramp,
And from the first parking area on the right, walked along the paved path past the large stones.
From its long, pointed hat to its long, pointed shoes, it was covered with ashes.
It was a fright. It was furious. And it was an old black witch.
She began counting large stones from the entrance of the parking area. She counted to 20, and found the largest stone.
She moved to the right of the stone and blocked the way with her broomstick.
"Giblets!" she screeched, "I have been asleep for one hundred years. Now, you just ske-daddle. This is MY letterbox. Scoot! Boo! Scat! Run!"

Please be stealthy, and search and re-hide this box with care- this box is easily accessed, but is in a very public area!

Box #2: Boo! Scat, and Ratcha Fratch!
Old Black Witch started stamping down the Smyrna greenway paved path, moving to the right along the lake (counter-clockwise) and shaking her broom as she went.
"Jumping Jehosaphat! I've scorched my blasted broomstick! Now I'll have to cool it off in the lake!"
Old Black Witch was hopping mad. She zoomed down the greenway trail on her broomstick, and then suddenly screeched to a halt.
On the left (on the lake side) was a live tree, but with a rotten, hollow tree trunk about 3 feet high right in front of it- there was a long log on the ground beside it.
Directly across the trail from those trees was another single tree...
Back in the woods, just a few steps from that single tree, was a stand of 8 small trees, with a large twisting vine going through the middle of the group.
Old Black Witch said, "No one will ever find this letterbox, as long as I keep it hidden behind one of these trees- I'll just use my broomstick to move this small cut log in front of it, and I'll cover it with branches!"

Box #3: Bewitching Blueberry Pancakes
As Old Black Witch cooked, sometimes she sang,
"Boil a cauldron,
Make a brew,
What kind of berries
Make pancakes blue?
Boil and bubble,
Dance a jig,
If you eat all these,
You're a polka-dot pig!
Snakes and snails
And gopher's knees!
If you think they are bad,
Then just taste these!"

Approximately 100 steps away from the Boo! box...
the lake will be on your left, and on the right of the path you will see a large, twisty piece of dead log lying in the grass.
Behind and underneath the middle of the log, with another smaller piece of log to cover it, you will find the Bewitching Blueberry Pancakes box and stamp!

This area is out in the open, and very public, so move away from the hiding spot to stamp in, to make sure the box isn't discovered!

I hope you enjoy our very first set of letterboxes, and if you have kids, see if you can find the Old Black Witch book by Wende and Harry Devlin at your local library!