Hot Dog! - Replanted 10-7-11  LbNA # 48833

Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationOakwood, IL
Found By 3 Fays
Last Found Jul 7 2016
Hike Distance?

Kickapoo State Park is a favorite place for family fun.
It offers bird- and deer-watching, hiking, camping, picnicing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing--and letterboxing.

From the main road going through the Park, turn into the driveway for the Ironwod picnic area. Instead of turning into the parking area for the Ironwood Shelter, go straight. Ahead you will see the driveway circles around. Park near the circle.

There is a trail entering the woods behind the circle. Follow this trail. Just before the trail comes out at the meadow parking lot, you will cross a concrete "bridge." After crossing, look to the left and see a large tree with a concrete "rock" leaning against it. Underneath that rock is this letterbox my tribute to Kickapoo.

After you've logged in and carefully re-hidden the box, I hope you will have time to further explore the trail.

While you are in the area of Ironwood, you can also look for the Bench View and the Near and Deer Letterboxes.

Please be careful and protect the security of these boxes. Happy hunting!