Curtis Memorial Park  LbNA # 48835

OwnerGS Gold    
Placed DateJun 16 2008
LocationFredericksburg, VA
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Curtis Memorial Park Clues

Come into the park and drive all the to the end of the road. (hint end at the lake)

Once at the lake count the number of benches

Travel back up the road point miles of the number of benches

Park in the parking lot

Next find the Curtis Family Cemetery

Find the gravestone of the person who’s name is the name of the road you came in on

Count the number of headstones and multiply it by 17

Take that many steps back towards the parking lot

Stop and count the number of driving boards there are at the pool.

Then head to the playground

How many slides are there?

Take the number of driving boards you counted and the number of slides there are, multiply those numbers together and count that many steps of concrete slide walk squares.

Once you count that many number of squares subtract nine from 65 and continue to take that many number of squares forward.

Where are you?

Now head back toward the pool. Find the path leading to the Amphitheater and Picnic Area. How many fun family activities are there to do when you are at Curtis Park?

Take that many number of steps from the path and there you will find what you are looking for.