Cornfield Scavenger  LbNA # 48857

Placed DateJul 13 2009
LocationGurnee, IL
Planted Bygerbil lover    
Found By TheMitts
Last Found May 11 2012
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: July 26th, 2009: Box Missing, should be replaced within one week. Sorry for the inconvenience!! :(

1.) Enter Southridge Neighborhood on Cemetery Road and go until you see on your left a dead end and a cornfield. Park/stop there.

2.) On the right you should see a sidewalk with a black paved path. Walk down the path until you reach the end of the pond.

3.) At the end of the pond, walk onto the grassy part that’s in a slope. Keep walking until you reach a small group of assorted trees.

4.) In that group of trees, you should see two lined up next to each other along the fence blocking the cornfield. Look behind the second one for your prize!

Please remember to put my letterbox right back where you found it AND completely out of sight of landscapers and non-letterboxers THNX!!!

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