SummerTime in the Mountains  LbNA # 48867

Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationMaggie Valley, NC
Found By Ninja Writer
Last Found Jun 3 2013
Hike Distance?

I have visited the Maggie Valley/ Waynesville area almost every summer my entire life. I absolutely love it there so I decided to plant my first letterbox. Im no good at riddles or poems so some simple clues/directions should do the trick.

*Start out on Soco Rd. (heading away from Waynesville)
*Pass Joeys Pancake House on the left...mmmm
*Ghost Town is coming up on the right (there is a letterbox in this parking lot!!). Take the Sky Lift to the top of the mountain and enjoy this amusement park!
*Keep Straight, stop and shop
*Meadowbrook Resort will be on your right
*"Most Photographed Vew" on the right...stop and pay the .50 cents to climb the tower and enjoy the view.
*Almost there
*Now, on the right there is an overlook with 2 big billboards. Pull into the parking area, park, and enjoy the view.
*Notice the stones surrounding the overlook.
*On the right hand side go and stand between the 3rd and 4th stone.
*Take 6 steps, step down on the 7th step, on the 8th step look down towards your right and hidden in a "hole" covered by a rock you will find your prize.

My best friend and I planted this so its by Doug and Stan aka Reddie and StellaBlue. We hope you had a fun and easy time finding the letterbox. If there were any problems or the directions weren't right please let me know. I dont live in NC, so I cant get out there too often. However I will be there at the end of Aug. 2009 to check on it. Thank you and Happy Hunting!