Everett Road Covered Bridge  LbNA # 48875

Placed DateJul 13 2009
LocationBath, OH
Planted By
Found By SunnySmile2
Last Found Jul 11 2010
Hike Distance?

(Adopted by AnneBonny)

Everett Road Covered Bridge

This is the very first stamp I’ve ever carved, so please be kind. There’s no ink pad and the lines on this are rather delicate, so no marker’s please, ink pads only.

Bring your trunks and swimsuits and don’t forget to pack a picnic to enjoy this great area!

Park in the parking lot and head down the main path towards the bridge. Take your first left, this will take you to the history area that tells you more about Cuyahoga Valley Parks. Count the number of letters in the last name of the “Friend of Cuyahoga Valley” ___________.

Go back to the main trail and cross the wooden bridge. After you cross the wooden bridge, take the path to the left of the bridge.

You’ll come to an X in the path and continue to the right.

Cross over the big log in the middle of the path.

At the Y in the Path, continue going to the right and pass a medium sized rock on your left followed by a larger rock.

Remember the number of letters you counted? From the big rock, count off that number of paces on the trail (1 pace= 2 steps). This should bring you to another small tree cutting across the path.

Look to your right. See the tree with a lot of other smaller branches that look like vines all around it? At the base of this tree to the left side is what you seek, covered with branches and twigs.

This is a very busy area, especially while the weather is warm, so please be discreet and re-hide appropriately. Please contact me with updates. Take the time to enjoy the nice cool water and the beautiful area!