Woodland Fairy Hostel  LbNA # 48879

OwnerCR8V TRIAD    
Placed DateJul 13 2009
LocationOakdale, MN
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

We did a little box maintainance today and changed out the host stamp. The new stamp is smaller to fit better in the HH log books. Happy hunting.

I grew up with my great gram and grandma very active in garden club. They belonged to the Fawn Creek Garden Club in the Staples, MN area. Great gram was a founding member of the club along with its members that lived along Fawn Creek. Always having flowers and wilderness around me I have a fondness for this park. It reminds me off our farm and all the different eco systems we have there. Please enjoy this diverse park.

Please stay on the trails at all times. You will not need to leave the trails to find the box.

Begin your quest at the park on Stillwater Road in Oakdale MN. This park has a garden surrounding its sign that is in memory of Oakdale Garden Club Members, Alta Bethke, Sharon Fisk, Virginia Saunier, and Isabel Stevenson. (the park may be named for one of them) When you find the right park you will want to find the sign with all their names on it.
With these 4 ladies to your back take the path at 330 degrees.
Turn left at the next Y.
Stay on the bark path.
Under the arbor- look through the arbor an arrow plant was in bloom today.
Look for LEAP- your on the right path (this sign is missing but will soon be replaced)
Not to the trunks should you go, rather find the Nature Plantings sign.
Now the hard part, count the words in the paragraph- you may want to write it down.
From this sign follow the path at 320 degrees, but donít forget to count your steps- the number of words you counted.
Oh which way to go- left, right, or straight ahead, OH the choices.
Proceed downhill. Youíre feet could wet.
See the foot bridge- hope you remember that number again.
The box is hidden under the (# - 10) board of the foot bridge. You will need to reach under the right side of the bridge to reach it. Please stay on the foot bridge.

There is a picnic table up the way you can sit at to do the stamping if you wish.

Now for the rules and how to:


PLEASE CLEAN THE STAMPS WHEN DONE, AND REHIDE WHERE YOU FOUND IT. Log your find on www.letterboxing.org and if it needs attention please Contact the Placer

What is a Hitchhiker Hostel (HHH)?
A HHH is a letterbox in which you are guaranteed to find a hitchhiker! The letterbox itself has a stamp and logbook, but itís roomy enough to have a number of HHs inside waiting for a ride out. Since thereís usually a pretty good turnover of hitchhikers, a hostel attracts repeat visits from local letterboxers who want to trade.

The rule is simple. DO NOT TAKE A HH UNLESS YOU LEAVE ANOTHER HH IN ITS PLACE. Itís a one-for-one trade. Of course, you are welcome to stamp into all the HHs even if you donít have an exchange. The trickiest thing about a HHH is the complicated stamping in process. Itís really easy to miss a step, so hereís a to-do list:
1. Stamp your signature stamp into the Woodland Fairy Hostelís logbook.
2. Stamp the HHHís stamp into your own logbook.
3. Stamp your signature stamp into the logbooks of each HH in the Woodland Fairy Hostelís logbook.
4. Stamp each HHís stamp into your own logbook.
5. If youíre trading a HH, make sure the HH youíre taking has the Woodland Fairy Hostelís stamp.
6. If youíre trading a HH, make sure the HH youíve brought has the Woodland Fairy Hostelís stamp.
7. AND, before taking any HHs away with you, make sure the HHís image is in the Woodland Fairy Hostelís logbook.

Be careful that all the HHs get back into their own bags.