Ella's Letterbox  LbNA # 48884

Placed DateJul 12 2009
CountyLa Crosse
LocationLa Crosse, WI
Found By Brewsox
Last Found Sep 7 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is dedicated to our daughter Ella whom is both a miracle and a blessing!

Locate the Hixton Forest Trailhead at the bottom of the bluff (off Highway 16). Using the map at the Trailhead, start hiking up the TNT trail. Just a warning in advance, the trail is steep and is not an easy hike. When you reach a fork in the trail, take the trail that goes left. Continuing on the trail, you will come to another fork, stay left. You will soon come across the first of two bike jumps in the middle of the trail. Continue straight. Approximately 30 adult paces from the first bike jump you will come across a big rock just off the left side of the trail. Looking further to the left of this rock you will notice 2 big rocks side by side. Keep continuing straight on the trail. Approximately 85 adult paces from the 3 rocks, the trail forks again. Take the trail to the left. You will soon come to the second bike jump in the middle of the trail. Continue straight over the bike jump. Continue approximately 35 paces until you come to yet another fork. At this fork, if you look straight ahead you will see your first partial view of the city. After enjoying the view, turn around and face the direction you have just come from. Straight ahead a few feet from the fork in the trail you will see a tree with six living trunks with a hallow rotten stump in the middle. The box is in the center of this rotted stump underneath a piece of bark. Please be discreet and re-hide as this is a popular hiking spot. Enjoy your search!